The Līgatne Winery

Cēsis – Līgatne

Points of interest
22 Sporta street, Augšlīgatne, Līgatnes novads LV-4108
Object description

Līgatne winery is a family enterprise making wine since 2010. The winery produces approximately 30 various wines from Latvia’s fruits and berries picked in the territory of Gauja National park.  The offer includes raspberry dessert wine, blackcurrant semi-dry, cloudberry semi-sweet wine and others. Līgatne wines can be enjoyed to be tasted in romantic candle light in the sandstone cave of rock Lustūzis.  The wine cellar is open both for individual travellers and groups.  The tastings of wines made in Ligatne winery are available also in wine and spoon shop in Augšlīgatne.
Excursions with wine tasting take part in sandstone rock “Lustūzis”, Spriņģu street 3, Līgatne.