Soviet secret bunker

Cēsis – Līgatne

Points of interest
GPS 57.255804, 25.068996; Skaļupes, Līgatnes nov, LV-4108
Object description

Soviet time secret facility with a cover name “Vacation Hotel”.
In the territory of the rehabilitation centre Līgatne, 9 m underground, there is a well-equipped facility with a total area of 2,000 sq.m, whose secrecy grading was removed only in 2003. Bunker was built fot the needs of political and state authority elite of the 1980-ies for state administration in case of nuclear war.
One of the most strategically important places in Soviet Latvia in case of a nuclear war.
A powerful autonomous self-sustaining structure with all necessary and high-end (for that time) equipment.
All authentic underground furnishings have been retained!