Līgatne paper mill and the historical center of the paper mill village

Cēsis – Līgatne

Points of interest
GPS 57.23715, 25.04300
Object description

For last 200 years, the name Līgatne has been closely associated with a paper mill. The factory was founded in 1815 and operated until 2016. Factory was operating in bloom in the late 19th century. Along with the mill, the paper mill village also grew and developed.
The historical center of the Līgatne paper mill village is a unique European-scale working-class ensemble of the workers’ village, which in 2011 was recognized as the winner of the Latvian competition “European Destinations of Excellency (EDEN)”.
Workers’ houses, which were built in the 20th century for paper mill employees have survived in Latvia.
It is possible to go on a guided tour of the Līgatne paper mill and the paper mill workers’ village. Apply by contacting +371 64153169 or +371 29189707 or writing to info@visitligatne.lv