Camel Park “Rakši”

Cēsis – Līgatne

Points of interest
"Rakši’’, Amatas novads, Drabešu pagasts
Object description

In “Rakši” you will be able to experience what is the feeling to ride a camel, touch an alpaca fur and go for a relaxing walk through the forest with a faithful companion lama. We have more than 80 brisk and friendly animals, which you can feed from the hand or take in a selphy. In the century, when a large part of the information we learn from the Google, this is a great way to switch off. from a technology and surrender to the natural joy of the presence of animals and the spirit of the new adventure.
In the area of the Camel park, guests can visit the café “Camel Café” where they can taste healthy camel milk pancakes.

Open daily from 10AM till 6 PM