Salaspils Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church

Rīga – Salaspils

Rīgas Street 49/1, Salaspils
Object description

Since after the construction of the HES (in the early 1970s) the Soviet government decided to blow up St. Jura church During the Soviet era, the Lutheran congregation had to hold services in the chapel. In 2008, Archbishop J. Vanags consecrated the foundation stone of the Salaspils Evangelical Lutheran Church and the construction of the church began. Eight years later, in September 2015, the church was put into operation.
In front of the church, in the shade of an oak, there is a stone cross, about which the legend tells: “A monk, redeeming his sins, brought a granite cross from Mārtiņsala to the right bank. Then there were connecting footbridges. How far he would take the cross, a new church must be built instead. The monk took the cross to the place where St. George’s Church was built ”. After the construction of the Riga HES,St. George’s Church was blown up. The granite cross, from the ruins of the blown church, was saved by O. Šmits and kept for many years in the courtyard of the fortified land in the courtyard of his house. In 2014, the cross was returned to the congregation and is located in the territory of the newly built church.