Airfield of Rumbula

Rīga – Salaspils

Points of interest
Rīgas Street, Lidlauka village, Riga
Object description

Rumbula airfield was used as a military object before and during the Second World War. It was built as a military airfield in the 1950s. There were 899th Orsha fighter jets in the area, whose task was to control the airspace over the Baltic States. Rumbulas airfield was also used for civilian purposes. In the 1960s, part of the airfield was used for civilian flights to Leningrad and other USSR cities with large Il-18 aircraft and later with Tu-134A aircraft. Rumbula Passenger Airport was closed in 1974, a year after the commissioning of Riga Airport.
Today, the aerodrome has one non-functioning and partially dismantled 2000 m long and 60 m wide concrete slab runway. It is used for paragliding activities.