Ķengarags promenade and Mazjumprava manor

Rīga – Salaspils

Points of interest
Latgale suburb, Riga, LV-1063
Object description

Ķengarags promenade, also called Daugavas promenade, is located in the vicinity of Ķengarags in Riga. The promenade was built in 1901 with boulders, wooden piles, gravel and sand-fortified Daugava flood protection rampart (i.e. the Daugava regulation “P” dam) to prevent the leaching of the land of Mazjumprava manor and surrounding farmers in spring floods. In 1962, when the Kengarags residential area was created, it was improved and reinforced with modern reinforced concrete materials.
Mazjumprava manor is one of the oldest manors near Riga (its history dates back to at least 1259), which had survived until recently. Mazjumprava was the largest manor in the patrimonial district of Riga with a large and diverse population, other manors were formed on its land. From ancient times, next to the manor on the Daugava was one of the three ferries in Riga. Next to the manor there was a windmill in later times. Today, the ruins of two manor houses have been preserved, but the building of the former watermill has been restored. Next to them is a mill pond.