Rīga – Salaspils

24 km

Rīga – 12 km airfield Rumbula – 5 km “Visdari” – 7 km Salaspils
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The stage starts at the St. Jacob Catholic Cathedral of Riga. As you leave the church, look under your feet, there you will see the Camino symbol – the shell – carved in the cobblestone of Riga. It was installed on July 26, 2019 for the Camino Latvia family celebrating St. Jacob’s Day.

Starting from the entrance of the church walk on the left along a small crossroads, until the end of the street you will reach one of the pearls of Old Riga – the house “Three Brothers”. By the building turn right and after a few steps turn left onto Mazo Miesnieka Street. At the end of it, turn left again onto Pils Street, along which you will reach Dome Square.
You have to cross the Dome Square keeping more to the right, past the Riga Dome Cathedral and at the cafe “13 chairs” („13 krēsli” ), which remains on the left, walk a very small piece along Jauniela. The first side street to the left of Jauniela is Krāmu Street, turn along it. Then, keep to the right along Tirgoņu Street along Egles Square, you will reach the buildings of the Riga City Council (Town Hall) and turn right along Kaļķu Street. You will be at the Town Hall Square (Rātslaukums).
It is worth to stay a little in the Town Hall Square to see the Riga City Hall, the House of the Blackheads, the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, the House of Swabia, the House of Kamarina and the House of the Blue Guard. In the Middle Ages, it was the central square of Riga, later the economic and administrative center of the city. There is a statue of Roland in the square, which is an ornament of an artesian well drilled in the Town Hall Square in 1894. Closer to the House of Blackheads, you can see a memorial to the first Christmas tree.
But the road continues along the right side of the square along Kaļķu Street past the buildings of Riga City Council and Riga Technical University to cross the 11 November embankment along the pedestrian crossing, because the street has an intensive traffic flow. When crossing 2 lanes of the carriageway, you have to go down the stairs, and turn left under the Akmens bridge, you have to walk about 150 meters until the next pedestrian crossing to the right and cross the carriageway, you will reach the Daugava.
The walk on the left along the Daugava promenade will be safe and comfortable for all the next 12 kilometers. The road will pass the Railway Bridge and the Island Bridge (Salu tilts). Between these two bridges you can see the following historical objects on the left side of Riga: Riga Central Market, the high-rise building of the Academy of Sciences, Spīķeri quarter, Riga Ghetto Museum and Riga Jesus Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Next is the South Bridge (Dienvidu tilts). But on the way there until then, there is an opportunity to visit the SKY store to buy something for lunch, drinking water, or eat in Hesburger, Mc Donald or Circle K and visit the toilets, because there will not be many such opportunities further down the way to the destination.
Walking about 1.5 km behind the South Bridge, shortly before Ķengarags Pond, turn left and move away from the river for about 300 – 400 meters, and walk the same way along Maskavas Street, it is possible to visit the St. Anthony of Rome Roman Catholic Church.
Walking along the promenade, you can see the bird-watching tower, Mazjumprava manor, and swim in the Rumbula bathing place. After about 6 km along the Daugava, the promenade connects with Rumbas Street and gradually begins to move away from the Daugava. After about 400 meters, turn left at the T-junction. After 50 meters a small bend to the right, then turn left again and continue straight after 120 meters reaching Rumbula airfield. When reading this it seems very complicated, but carefully watch the posted Camino road signs – yellow arrows and shells, everything is well marked here.
When you reach the aerodrome, turn right. On the left is the field and the old runway, and on the right are very colorful urban gardens. After 350 meters turn left on a country road. After 200 meters on the old Rumbula runway, turn right and go 200 meters. After about 400 meters (at the end of the runway) turn left and, after walking another 600 meters through the industrial zone (woodworking and other remnant mountains), you have to go out through the gate to Mašīnu Street. Then, after about 50 meters, turn right and continue through the industrial zone (car service workshops, etc.) along the country road to Jāņogu Street. Here you have to turn right and continue along Jāņogu Street in the direction of the Daugava river.
For 1.2 km just walk straight along Jāņogu Street and you will reach the T-shaped intersection, turn left to Dārziņu 1st line. This is a fast-growing new residential area in the old summer house area.
After approximately 550 meters you have to turn right onto Dārziņu Street and then walk only straight for 1 kilometer through the area of private houses. Arriving at Taisnās Street, turn left and observing all traffic rules, at the traffic light cross Maskavas Street and go to “Visdariem” (restaurant/hotel), here is an opportunity to eat. But if there is a great need for a store, then you have to turn right on Taisnajā Street and after 250 m there is a small “LATS” store.
After passing the “Visdariem” along the forest side along the path, after approximately 300 meters you will reach the Dārziņi railway stop. Carefully cross the railway tracks and walk along the trail in the woods behind the station building for approximately 150 meters. When leaving the road, turn right. Then continue along the road only straight for about 1.7 kilometer and then reaching the road junction, go to the right – over the railway crossing.
Before the railway crossing at the crossroads on the left about 750 meters off the road is the Salaspils Memorial. If you want to visit it, turn left, then across the car park, along the footpath you will reach the memorial.
But the stage continues beyond the railway crossing for 1.6 kilometer, walking only straight, past Tilderu cemetery along Tilderu Street (you will enter Salaspils) to the intersection with Nometņu Street. You have to turn left along Nometņu Street. Walk along Nometņu Street for about 600 meters across the first intersection with Enerģētiķu Street until you will reach the second intersection with Skolas Street, where you have to turn right. To the right of the intersection are Orthodox Church of Saint George and Salaspils “Consolation of All Sorrows” Church.
Continue on, go straight along Skolas Street, after approximately 750 meters you will arrive to an intersection with Rīgas Street (across the intersection you can see the game hall Fenikss, on the right a large road junction with a traffic light). Turn left and continue along the Rīgas street along the car wash Puto. On the right side of the street there will be Roman Catholic Church Salaspils congregation, where accommodation is possible, but the stage ends at the Salaspils Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church on the left side of the street.