Rafters anchors

Krimulda – Vangaži

Points of interest
Kubeseles dabas taka
Object description

In the Gauja, trees were floated to wall logs on rafts, later also in open form. Then 100-150 thousand m3 of timber was floated in the Gauja during the season. Concrete anchor concreted on the shore with a huge metal loop for untying the rope or winch. A rope of three or four logs was untied with a rope in order to hold and accumulate free-floating logs in the Gauja. Such an artificial congestion of logs was called “judgment”. When most of the “batches” of logs had accumulated in the “judgment”, the rag was opened. The logs in the “verdict” did not float away, they had to be broken, released – a lot of work had to be done to feed them into the stream.