Imants Ziedonis Museum

Krimulda – Vangaži

Points of interest
"Dzirnakmeņi", Krimuldas pagasts
Object description

One of the most prominent and popular poets of Latvia, a publicist, author of short stories and cinema scenarios, an active cultural and public personality. He has become known for both his literary works and his extraordinary and powerful personality. His creative work, expressions, life style, and ideas expressed still resonate with great interest in a vast part of modern society.
Why is this house so special? It’s exterior and interior was all planned and sketched by Ziedonis and his wife. This house was built by author himself with the help of one carpenter Otto Bērziņš in a five-year period from 1970 till 1975. This house is also very special because it resonates with Imants Ziedonis poetic works and is even called the greatest volume of Imants Ziedonis collected works.