Inčukalna Velnala (Devil`s cave)

Krimulda – Vangaži

Points of interest
GPS 27.12687, 24.63847
Object description

Inčukalns Velnala (Devil’s Cave ) is a cave that keeps a lot of mysteries deep in its darkness… An ancient tale has it that the Devil himself once lived in it! According to the tale, the Devil lived in the cave for several years until he got the Thunder’s danders up. The Thunder aimed for the Devil but missed and cleaved off a large chunk of the cliff! The Devil realised that he will have no peace in this cave and quickly left his abode.

By the left wall of Velnala Cave you will see a little spring that hides an incredible power of water in itself! Over the years it has changed the shape of the cave and eaten away the sandstone walls. In ancient times people went to Velnala Cave to get water from the spring because it was believed to have healing powers.