Strenci Psychoneurological hospital

Turna – Strenči

Points of interest
Valka Street 11, Strenci
Object description

The 1903 newspaper “The Newspaper of the Homeland” published an article that a modern institution for persons with mental problems was being built with the funds of the armoured land treasury. Architect Augusts Reinbergs and future hospital director Albert Bers studied the trends of this kind of hospital during their mission in Germany and Austria. The hospital was opened in 1907. Buildings were built using a pavilion system. The hospital met Europe’s most modern requirements: central heating, electricity, water pipeline, storage system and high-ceiling rooms. The pavilions were named on behalf of the first patients: the house of Anna, Augusta, Maria and Oswald.
At present, the hospital complex consists of several pavilion-type buildings for patients and a common use complex. A hospital park where is a monument to the first hospital director A. Bers and architect A. Reinbergs sets up a harmonious environment.
In 2011a museum was opened in the territory of hospital. The development of psychoneurological medicine in Latvia in the 20th century is explored in the museum. Authentic medical instruments, clothing and different household articles are included in the permanent exposition.
The area also houses a hostel in “Near a way” (Hostelis Pie ceļa).