Jērcēnu Manor

Turna – Strenči

Points of interest
Jērcēnmuiža, Jērcēni, Valmieras novads, Latvia LV-4715
Object description

The Jercenu Manor complex and the park were set up at the turn of the 19-20 th century. The complex consists of a house of “freileaks”, a barn and a stable. The indoor interior of the “freileaks” house (a fireplace, four furnaces, wooden ceilings, doors, ladders) has been restored and saved in its original appearance.
The current look if indoor premises is since 1989, when the renovation works were performed by artist and folk’s musician Valdis Atals. He painted stained-glass windows, painted the walls and “impregnated” them with his songs.
The Jercenu Manor complex is surrounded by a Jercenu park in territory of 4.2 ha, with interesting kinds of trees, rare plants and birds.

Contact person Mrs. Ilvija.
Reg. getting of stamp please call Ilvija and agree before. You will got small inside tour too.
Open time 8am – 2pm

Drinkwater and wc inside for free.