Strenči – Valmiera

29 km

In Strenči it is possible to visit a shop, a canteen, an ATM and the TIC (Turism Information Center) where we invite you to get a stamp in your pilgrims’ passport. There is a bus connection to larger and smaller cities.
If you have questions about a particular stage or need assistance on the road, please call to SOS phone +371 26334361 Solvita

Today’s stage leads through forests and small villages. The nearest point where to buy food will be in Brenguļi.
To the right of the church a road leads to the culture center. Behind it, on the right side, a paved path will take you down directly over the Strenčupīte river. Continue along Beverīnas Street, leaving the Market Square on the left. At the end of the street, turn right onto the path that leads to “Plostnieki” Park. Enjoying the view we go to the left along the bank of the Gauja until the bridge. It is possible to use bathroom here.
Crossing the bridge with its special board /cobblestone pavement, we arrive in the Beverīna region, Trikāta parish. Turn right onto an asphalt road that leads us through the forest. On the right side of the road you can see the fishers favourite fishing spots on the Gauja river. After 1,6 km you will reach the settlement “Ūdriņas”. Pass the mechanical workshops on the right. At the crossroads turn right, past the concrete ridges, between the houses a narrow forest road leads further along the Gauja river.
After 1,5 km at the intersection with the main road, continue to the right, cross the railway. For the next 5.5 km a wide gravel road leads through clearings, a vast pine forest filled with berries, popular mushroom picker spots. We cross the Rušupīte river.
You arrive at an intersection where the “confusing yellow arrows” will point in the opposite direction. Continue to the left in the crossroads on a straight and slightly boring forest road. After 2.5 km you will reach the settlement “PŪPOLI”. Beautifully manicured gardens delight travellers at every turn and in the centre of the small village it is possible to rest a bit on the benches by the road. Then, at the crossroads, turn left and go past the bus stop on an asphalt road through the forest. After about 2.5 km at the crossroads go left.
At the railroad on the right side of the road you will see the house “DŪJAS”, where the owner offers water from the well and some apples. It is possible that you could negotiate other garden gifts as well.
Afterwards continue to the highway and turn right to “Brenguli”. Lunch / dinner is possible in the garden of the brewery.
Crossing the Abula River, immediately turn right onto the road (if you need to visit a shop, go straight to the top of the hill, and then come back to the intersection). The road ends after a while, but you must continue over the meadow in the direction of a wooden barn.  You will see white / blue trail markings, as well as the “Mežtaka” (Forest trail) signs. The road winds along the riverbank with several resting places and benches along the way. This is also called the TRAIL OF LOVE. After you reach the campfire place where Abuls flows into the Gauja go left over the bridge. At the end of the trail you will see the night house Jaunarāji. Further on the road leads to the left until it joins a more important road. Turn to the right. After 1 km at the intersection keep to the left through the “Kalniņi house” farm. When you reach the Valmiera border, indicated by a road sign, turn right onto the trail.
(If you plan to spend the night in BAIĻI, then go right and continue on the road)
The trail gradually approaches the river, where it reconnects with the signs of “Mežtaka”. Cross the Gauja river on the pedestrian bridge and continue along the river to the Valmiera Music School. At the school go up the hill to reach Valmiera St. Simon’s Church.