Gauja and bridge over the Gauja

Strenči – Valmiera

Points of interest
GPS 57.61875, 25.70127
Object description

Gauja is the longest river in Latvia that begins and ends its flow in Latvia. Length: 452 km, fall: 234 m.
A legend says – the fox had gone to Lake Aluksne to drink, but when felt the edges wriggling in, turned around and ran away, still felt the water in her feet as she ran. It was Gauja. For which bends the fox ran, for which Gauja followed, so the river is like fox: fast, volatile.

The bridge over Gauja river in Strenci is remarkable for two reasons. First – it is the second oldest concrete bridge in Latvia. The second reason – this seems to be the only bridge in Latvia covered by three types of coverings – wood, asphalt and paving. Lifted in 1909. The width of the bridge of 4,5 m has been calculated so that two horse carriages can exchange while driving.