Park of Senses by the Gauja River Steep Banks

Strenči – Valmiera

Points of interest
Jāņa Daliņa iela 2, Valmiera
Object description

Trail in the trees – the safest trail in the trees with continuous safety system! 1,5km challenge up in 5-11 m heights with 4 zip lines over the river! Universal trail for different ages and physical strengths.
Barefoot trail – it is 2 km long and made from different nature and balance objects. Everyone is welcome to enjoy 15 variable mulches, nature design objects and wood balance elements. Pebbles, blue glass balls, cones, white sand, bark mulch and chestnuts – all trail needs to be accomplished with bare foot. After the walk there is a possibility to relax in warm flower foot baths with seasonal components. This experience will wake up all five senses!
Net cube – 7x7x7 meters wide leisure area, surrounded by safe nets and divided in three floors. The floors are connected with labyrinths and various climbing elements. On the 3rd floor You will find additional net, which serves both as a comfortable sleeping area and as a trampoline!