A wooden sculpture park

Turna – Strenči

Points of interest
At the end of Ozola Street, Strenci. GPS 57.6223, 25.6881
Object description

A variety of wooden sculptures have been set up in the coast of Gauja (Gaujmala), in honor of the raftsmen, the very common but difficult trade in the past. Some of the sculptures were made during the 17th festival of Gauja raftsmen in 2014 and more added the following years. During the same festival, in the presence of members of the International Association of Raftsmen from 10 European countries, a display “Floating of trees through Gauja” has been set out in Gaujmala.
The flood column is a witness to the floods in Gauja during the spring. It is made of oak and accurate marks on the annual flood levels are made in its trunk. First marked in 2010. By 2010, the marks were made on Old Oak, which broke down during the devastating storm on 8 August 2010. In order to continue the succession, the New Oak was planted in 2011, where a raft is greeted solemnly during the Gauja Festival.