Sun clock

Ķegums – Vecumnieki

Points of interest
Ķegums Park, GPS 56.742327, 24.717225
Object description

In August 2013, a new sundial in Ķegums saw the light of day. Project – Mārtiņš Gills, metal structure production – Aivars Oleksāns, stone works – Jānis Zakrevskis, but the material itself – boulder.
This watch can be considered the most representative of newspapers in its class in Latvia, because a butterfly has landed on the southern side of the stone. It is special not only for its visual appearance, but also for belonging to a specific type of sundial, because the time is shown by a spatially fixed point of the solar light node. The clock shows summer time in summer and winter time in winter, its dial lines represent the sun’s path at winter and summer solstices. So, this clock does not have the traditionally used triangle or gnomon. Instead, the sun of Ķegums region is fixed in a metal circle above the butterfly, which at the same time serves as the so-called sundial point. The bright circle projected from the center of the metal sun is what shows the time on the butterfly wings in hourly intervals. Bottom – summer, top – winter. The boundary lines of the dial on the wings – the light projected along the lower circle moves in a period of time around Midsummer, along the upper circle – around Christmas.