Ķegums – Vecumnieki

Points of interest
Vecumnieki county, Vecumnieki parish, "Birzemnieki"
Object description

Birzemnieki (IK “Dzintarlāse”) is a family business that works in its beehive and is engaged in beekeeping, trade in beekeeping products, production and sale of alcoholic beverages, currently managed by Marija and Nikolajs Urbāni.
Initially, honey was produced, but realizing that beekeeping alone was not enough, the idea was to produce by-products. Currently, the owners offer various honey products – wild flower honey, pollen in honey, bee bread in honey, dried pollen and bee bread, sea buckthorn in honey, nuts and cranberries in honey, wax, as well as the alcoholic beverage “Bites buča”, which is patented and various wines. Sugar is not used in the production of beverages, but honey.
The products are mainly sold in various fairs and annual markets, city and county festivals throughout Latvia. It is also possible to buy the product here in “Birzemnieki”, where its production takes place. Excursions and tastings are also organized. First you have the opportunity to walk around the beehive and see the beehives. Then you can get acquainted with the factory – honey processing, spirits and wineries. Those interested can also visit the fermentation and storage facilities. After the tasting in the hall, everyone can taste what the heart wants. In addition to all the sweet and strong treats, guests are treated to a cake and tea.