Vecumnieki – Brukna

26 km

Vecumnieki – 12.5 km Stelpe – 13.5 km Brukna
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This stage mostly leads along gravel and sandy roads. In Vecumnieki there are several shops where you can buy what you need, as well as cafe “Drava”, cafe ” Pie lielās karotes”, pizzeria “Pie Martas un Marijas”, where delicious pizzas are baked in a wood oven. But it’s not necessary to provide food for the whole day this time, because about halfway, in Stelpe, is the next grocery store.

The stage begins at the Vecumnieki Evangelical Lutheran Church. From its hill there is a view of Vecumnieki New Lake. But you start your way from the entrance of the church, along the sandy road, parallel to the highway. Along the red historical building (former Red School, a multifunctional social center is now being established) to the T-junction, where you need to turn left and continue along an asphalt road, crossing the Taļķe River, in the direction of the Health Center (nursing home) “Atvasara”.
Without getting to the public buildings, at the first turn you should turn right and further along the country road, bypass the public building from the right and reach the top of the hill. Continue along the road across a large field, gently reaching the bottom of the hill (do not climb to the top of the hill!) and as the road leads turn left. The road winds along the strawberry beds of the country house “Kalnāji”, along the houses “Pļaviņas” and “Dainas”. Arriving at the asphalted Rīgas Street, carefully cross it and keep the safety, continue moving along the edge of the highway Riga – Skaistkalne. When crossing the railway tracks, at the first T-junction turn right onto a gravel road.
After walking about 1 km along this road (parallel to the railway line) there is a sign “Fish” („Zivs”) on the left, you should turn left onto a smaller country road. After about 900 meters behind the farmstead “Bandenieki”, which is located on the left, at the T-junction turn left and continue along the countryside.
For the next 3.6 km walk straight only along this road without turning anywhere. The road is scenic and leads along farmsteads, along the two-story residential house “Vīksniņas”, across the river Vīksniņa, along Katrīna’s cemetery and house “Dātavi” (a friendly dog lives there), until you exit at the highway “Lejzemnieki” (in the direction of Skaistkalne).
Carefully cross the highway and continue walking along the asphalt edge to the right in the direction of Skaistkalne for about 1.7 km. At this stage cross the river “Vārniņa” and reach the bus stop in the direction of Rīga “Ziemeļi”. Again, carefully cross the road back and without passing the stop “Ziemeļi” in the direction of Skaistkalne, turn right onto an overgrown country road. It runs parallel to the power line across the field. Large grain stores will be visible on the right. At a small fork in the road, turn left after 900 meters and you will come to Stelpe village street. On the right side there are workshops, a country shop, and an apartment house with folk patterns opens to the view.
Arriving on the asphalt road P92 at the Stelpe bus stop, turn right and walk straight in the direction of the Nīzere. On the right side there is a shop (working hours from 08.00 to 20.00), on the left side there is a large, fenced area of Pīlādži moto track area. After about 1.4 km at the “Stelpes skola” stop, the landscaped footpath ends, and you have to cross the road again to continue moving along the roadside.
Walking along the side of the road P92 for about 2.5 km, on the left side there is a house “Tiltnieki” (with dismantled buses), a red brick house – Stelpe administration (there you can use facilities during working days), and you will arrive in the village Nīzere.
At the sign “Bauska 25 km” and “Sveķu dzirnavas 2.7 km”, turn left in the direction of the mill. Continue along the dirt road, without turning anywhere, about 4.8 km until you will reach a large gravel road.
Here you should turn left, cross the Iecava river bridge and at the first crossroads turn left again onto a smaller road. On the left, next to a small cemetery, is the small Janči Roman Catholic Church. Continue only straight along forests, pine stands and fields, without turning anywhere. Across the fields on the left, you will already be able to see the church of Brukna in the distance. After walking about 5 km, you will reach the sign “Bārbele 12 km” at the country house. Here you have to turn left and head towards Brukna Church. When you reach your destination, we definitely recommend using the hospitality of Brukna priest Andrejs Mediņš, visiting the Brukna church, learning the story about the history of Brukna manor and enjoying the magic of the tidy territory.
Today’s stage is over.