Brukna manor

Vecumnieki – Brukna

Points of interest
Brukna-1, Davinu parish, Bauska district, LV-3936
Object description

Until 1920, the builders and owners of Brukna manor were an ancient family of German-Baltic aristocrats – Baron Korfi. The ensemble of Brukna manor was built in the middle of the 18th century, but the current form of the manor is a reconstruction of the neoclassical style, which was carried out in the 19th century.
In Brukna you can see the original version of European gardens – the Renaissance garden. It has no flowers or flowering shrubs, because cabbages, beets, carrots and herbs grow in the low-hedge enclosures. Such gardens were created by monks in the closed courtyards of European monasteries in the 15th and 16th centuries. Only later were vegetable and aromatic plantations replaced by flowers and shrubs.
The construction of the Chapel of the Holy Apostles in Brukna started in 2011. The chapel resembles an ancient Armenian Christian church built in the 9th century, Kars Cathedral, which is now in Turkish territory and is under Muslim rule. The Chapel of the Holy Apostles in Brukna is not an exact copy, but it is a very interesting building both in terms of its appearance and its construction. With the help of donations from the foundations to the roof, an interfaith church was built in front of all eyes, the doors of which are open to everyone during the day.
On June 9, 2019, sculptures of 12 apostles created by sculptor Sand Aispur over six years were unveiled at the chapel. The apostles are dressed in modern clothes, and Sandis Aispurs used his friends as his models – people with whom he would like to stay in the same room. Judas is Sanda’s self-portrait, because no one else wanted to pose. Attempts have been made to reveal psychological portraits of the apostles in the sculptures. At the same time, they reveal the artist’s own experiences in different moments of life, and the goal was for us to see ourselves in our experiences during the time we live. Pose, movements are connected with the message and feeling that the sculptor wanted to put in and pass on in each of the apostles.
The owners of the Brukna Manor Complex are the Blessing Community of Brukna Hill – a center for alternative healing of addictions. Founded in 2001, the community’s motto is “God, Nature and Work”. The community is ecumenical. It does not matter whether one belongs to a denomination, is an unbeliever or is immune to spiritual pursuits. The most important thing is a conscious motivation to change lives, which is a voluntary choice.