Ķeguma HES

Ķegums – Vecumnieki

Points of interest
Ķeguma prospekts 7/9, Ķegums, LV-5020
Object description

Ķeguma HES (originally Ķegums State Power Plant, abbreviated as VES) is the Daugava hydroelectric power plant built in 1939, the third largest hydroelectric power plant in Latvia and the Baltic States. Ķeguma HES actually consists of two stations built in different periods. One of them is located on the right bank of the Daugava (built in 1936–1940), while the other is on the left bank (built in 1976–1979). The power plant is located 70 kilometers from the mouth of the Daugava and accordingly forms the 2nd stage of the Daugava HES cascade.
Both hydroelectric power plants have a total of 7 hydro units, respectively 4 and 3. The maximum HES drop is 14 meters. The total capacity of Ķeguma HES is 264 MW
The exposition of the Energy Museum is located on the left bank of the Daugava – in the territory of Ķegums power plant. The exhibited collection of technological equipment and objects creates an idea of electricity generation, transmission and distribution, depicts the daily work of an electrician, introduces the history of construction and operation of Daugava power plants. Visitors to the museum have the opportunity to watch movie chronicles, videos on electricity generation, transmission and distribution, as well as films on electrical safety.