Dobele – Tērvete

25 km

Dobele – 4.5 km “Parūķis” – 6 km Krimūnas – 14.5 km Tērvete
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This is another easy and quick route. All day we will walk through the countryside and enjoy the landscape. Along the way, there will be a couple of villages that have grocery stores.
The route starts in the former Market Square, now in the central square of the town of Dobele, which we cross towards Viestura Street. From Viestura Street, we turn left on the first street – Skolas Street. We walk past School of music and arts, down the slope there is River Berze and the Mill Lake on the other side of which there are medieval ruins of Dobele castle.
About 250 m from Skolas Street, a path is leading down to the river, we cross it going over a wooden bridge. Immediately AFTER the bridge TUR TO THE LEFT, a tree-lined path along the river begins, leading the next 700 m to the next bridge, where the path ends. We climb down the steps onto the bank and continue our way to the left of Zemgales Street.
To the left of us we can see the wooded banks of the Berze River and meadows. We walk down the street for 1 km to the end of the street by the forest, turn left and go down to the Berze River. We cross the bridge going across the river and cross the open-air stage. Behind the stage, we walk up the road, where in the park there is a picnic area, coffee machine 24/7 and an outdoor WC. We go straight for the next 200 m until a larger street, Meža Prospekts, where we turn right.

After 100 m, we turn to the left on Priežu Street. At the end of the 400 m long Priežu Street, we turn to the left on Sanatorijas Street, followed by 250 m towards the Zaļā Street, which is the road V1098 outside the city.
We will continue the next 6.5 km on V1098. After crossing Berze river on the right sidewe see se rest place Parukis. After go straight until we reach Krimunas. Walking along this road we should be careful of passing cars, the road is narrow, curvy and difficult to oversee with quite the traffic, but a narrow sidewalk for pedestrians. In the dark hours of the day, it is imperative to take care using reflectors and headlamps in order to be visible to drivers.
As we enter the Krimunas, we are on the main road. Immediately behind the Krimunas Center, on the left, is Krimunas Park, with open-air stage and picnic area. It is worth stopping for a break in the beautiful park of Krimunas. Outside the Krimunas, we continue our way up the V1098, behind the park, we stay right, cross the railways, and keep straight. After 1.25 km, we cross the road P96 and continue to go straight.
After 1.5 km, we enter a village called Akacijas. The village has a small grocery store which we can reach if 200 m after crossing the river in the first turn, we turn left about 200 m. The shop is in a residential home. If there is no need for the shop we continue straight down the same path V1098 until we turn right after 2 km. To make sure that we are turning the correct way, we notice that house called Panākumi remains on the left in the intersection.
The next 5.8 km the road leads along agricultural fields. After about 3 km, we pass through a small forest and continue to follow the same path. A further 2 km to the right of us is a visible lake. Continuing straight, crossing river Tervete by bridge and after about 300 m at the next intersection turning right. After 400 m at the next intersection continue straight by the forest road, ignoring the cross-bomb—it is for cars ( when you decide to overnight in glamping of nature park LVM,only then turn right). Here we have arrived at Tervete Nature Park where we turn left at another 200 m.
At approximately 400 m, the forest road leads us to the bigger road, but we, following the sign Rehabilitācijas centrs”, turn right and continue about 600 m down the forest path. Here we turn right at the intersection. After about 150 m the bikeway breaks out on the right, but we continue straight. Rehabilitation centre remains at our left. After another 150 m, we come to the information board, where we turn right. We keep our way straight at about 450 m until we reach one of the main heroes of Tervete Nature Park, Lutausis and Spriditis.
Here’s the ticket desk, where you can purchase tickets for a part of the park what is at fee, and there’s a beautiful view of the old wooden castle. Here we turn left, following the sign “Autostāvvieta” (parking). After 150 m, we come down to the stairs and, crossing the river along a small bridge, we come to another ticket desk (by purchasing a ticket here, you can cross the Tervete River along the Lielmate Bridge and visit the part of Natural Park what is at fee). We pass it and continue the same path. We leave a small lake at our left, and after 300 m we reach the crossing of the trails where we turn to the right. After 200 m, the path turns down and to the right, we cross the bridge and reach the Anne Brigader museum “Sprīdīši”. There is also a cafeteria, where can enjoy delicious meal.
Behind the “Sprīdīši” house,immedeately turning left and crossing the meadow, we enter the parking lot. From the parking lot to the left, after 200 m on highway, we reach the centre of Tervete where are a couple of shops, Kristine’s pizzeria and bakery, and which is the end of this stage. In 200m on right side behind Spar grocery you see Kalnamuižas churce. There is available stamp house with a stamp of stage.