Tērvetes wood castle

Dobele – Tērvete

Points of interest
Object description

Tērvete is renown across Latvia as a mighty centre of the Semigallians, which fought for its political and economical independence for the longest time up to the late 13th century. The Tērvete castle mound and the Semigallians who inhabited this region are an important heritage for the Latvian nation, as they serve as witnesses of the firm and persistent character and willpower of Latvians as a nation. To demonstrate the ancient history of Tervete, based on the results of archaeological research one of the most powerful castles of XII century is being rebuilt in Tervete. The project involves a complete reconstruction of the Tervete wooden castle in next years. The eastern part of the castle has now been constructed. The exposition of the castle tells about the history of Semigallia and Tērvete in Iron Age. There is the richest collection in Latvia of Semigallians’ iron decoration duplications, arms, household objects and garment reconstructions. Semigallian governor’s Viestards wax statue and the largest in Latvia exhibition of swords you also can see here.