Līvbērze – Dobele


Līvbērze – 4 km Bērze – 14 km Dobele
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This will be an easy and quick route through rural roads all the way. We will mainly pass by lands actively used in agriculture mostly fields of wheat, rye, barley and rapeseed.
The route begins from Livberze. To go on to Berze, walk 700m down the main street, till junction with Jana Baloza Street where you turn right. We continue next 770m straight to the railway and carefully cross it.
After crossing the railway, we go straight for 2.6 km, first along a path across the field, later down a gravel road. Further, the road turns right and reaches the Lutheran Church of Berze, which is the end of this phase.
If staying at a former Berze school, then we go right along the church, cross the street, and reach the former Berze School at 100m, where now are accommodations.
Leaving the church behind us and leaving Berze cemetery on our left we go out on the gravel path V1102. After 750m take the first turn to the left. After 780 m we turn right. Along this road, we follow road. After about 1km on the left side is a way to caountry house Lejnieki. There is possible to look to latvian knitted mittens collection. After for the next 3.7 km we reach a junction. We turn right. Following the arrows, we continue straight down the road for the next 3 km, with farmland and country houses on both sides. After 1.7 km, on the left side of the road, the forest begins and the road throws a small curve to the left. The road ends with a junction leading onto the main road, where we turn left. On the left corner of this intersection are the ruins of the Virkus manor baron’s von Klopmann chapel abandoned in the trees and bushes.
For the next 400 m, we go down this asphalted road. The traffic is not too busy, but still we should be careful of passing cars because the road side is rather narrow.
At the first intersection, we turn right along the gravel road. When the road splits after 1.4 km, we stay to the right. Further down, the road goes through the courtyard of the houses named Princi. Behind Princi, we continue straight to the next group of houses, a little further ahead, where at the sign of house Tresnieki we turn from the road to the right. We go through the courtyard of house Tresnieki and continue 700 m across the field along a narrow path.
We come to the asphalted road P102, cross it, and enter Dobele via Robezu Street. After 700m Robezu Street ends leading to Berzes Street. There we turn to the left on Bērzes Street. After 250 m we reach the main street – Brivibas Street, turn right and cross the railway. We continue to walk along Brivibas Street past the RIMI shop and turn left on Katolu Street. After 150 m, we turn from the street to the right and pass the crafts school through the park. Follow the signs in the park. On our left there is a red brick building – the Catholic Church of Dobele. The route ends at the main square of Dobele, a former market square, in front of Lutheran Church of Dobele.