Mitten and Wooden Sculpture Garden at Lejnieki

Līvbērze – Dobele

Points of interest
1 km
"Lejnieki", Bērzes pagasts
Object description

Skaidrīte and Haralds Bauze have created an unusual garden in their country home on the bank of Bērzes river. The garden has a wide variety of flowers, vegetables and herbs; it has a grapevine alley and a man-made marsh for growing cranberries. The hostess herself is one of the most avid glove knitters in Latvia. She has more than 170 pairs of self-made gloves in her own collection alone. Her elaborate patterns are blessed with ancient wisdoms that she gladly shares with others.
At the garden one can learn about herbs and see how linen, rye and watermelons are grown. The garden is inhabited with sculptures made by Haralds, and a walk amidst these in the company of the house cat with an occasional “conversation” with the animal statues will bring a peaceful and light-hearted mood. The visitors are asked to announce their visits prior to their arrival.