Tīreļi – Līvbērze

24 km

Tīreļi – 2 km “Ošāres” – 22 km Līvbērze
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We start from Vidus street. After 90m we reach road P99, turn to the right and continue for 630m till the junction with highway A9. On the other side of the junction there is a petrol station and a shop, which are the only places on this route until Livberze to buy coffee, water and something for lunch. We turn left on A9 towards Liepaja.
After 600m we walk down from the road A9 to the right, where a rural path is passing along the side. It’s more convenient to walk on because we don’t have to walk next to passing cars and there are ladders before the bridge to climb onto the bridge. We cross the bridge across Lielupe, continuing on the A9 to the junction on the road P101/V1091, where we turn left on V1091 towards Kalnciems. The crossover features a small café “Ošāres”, where tasty meals are cooked on the grill.
At V1091 we walk another 320m, cross the Kauguru canal and immediately turn to the right off the road. The way forward goes straight along the canal, which will be on our right side for the next 8.7 km. To our left side all 8.7 km is forest or clearings. Sometimes the path along the canal is like a road, sometimes only a narrow path. After 8.7 km, we come to the Vecberzes Polderu bridge. Here we turn to the left away from the canal. At 450 m, we stay to the right as the road splits.
Along a straight, smooth and peaceful gravel path we continue the next 3.2 km where the road turns right at a 90-degree angle. Here turn to the right.  After 2,5 km at the crossroads we go to straight. After 2.1 km when the forest and clearing on the right ends, the road breaks down, we keep to the left. At 500m, the road turns left at a 90-degree angle. After 300m, we stay to the right, 200m later we keep on the right again, where the road breaks down again. There will be farm houses on our right side for the next 1.5 km.
After 1.5 km, we come to the P98 road and turn to the left. Along this road, where there is very intense traffic, we go the next 700m to petrol station PITSTOP with small shop ELVI. A good place for coffee stop, as well as a chance to buy food for dinner and get a stamp.
Behind the station on the left side, parallel to A98 is Darza Street, along which we reach Livberze. At the end of Darza Street, we turn right to the main street, where we turn left.
If you’re sleeping in Livberze, turn to the right after 100m from the main street and then 100m to the left on Berzu street, where the accommodation is located.