Tērvete – Žagare

22 km

Tērvete – 5.5 km “Tērvetes vīni” – 5.5 km Augstkalne – 11 km Žagare
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The route starts at the Spar grocery, turning right behind the shop, walking a little down the road towards Penkule, the Church and cemetery of Tervete (Kalnamuiža) are visible on the left. Here we turn to the left, through the cemetery, where the road enters into the woods. Slightly further on the road is an indication to the left, which leads to a clay pile (Tervete Staburags) on the banks of the Tervete River. This can be visited as a point of interest but our route continues straight and shortly afterwards the forest ends.
The road passes two houses – Silaji and Strauti. A big, white house, an old former Tervete School, is visible ahead.
Please note that here is a private property. You don’t need call when you only cross a property. When you like look around a way and go through park till river, you should call phone +371 26104836 to Mrs Ilze, ask for permission and pay entrance fee – 2eur for person. Heading straight forward, the road leads through its courtyard, with an old apple tree garden and a bridge on the left, an old sports area, and just before the forest we have to turn to the left. Further to the left, there is a restricted area with a transformer station, and then you should continue forward turning slightly to the left again.
The road goes down the hill, a little while along the Tervete River, then across the bridge. In front of the hill is a country house Vecgavilas with a path leading up to it, but it is better to continue on the gravel road we are already on. This leads through the courtyard of the house along the barn. Watch out, there may be 3 dogs, but they only bark loudly. Passing through the courtyard, the road along the end of the barn turns left and continues along the edge of the field, and then straight through the two fields. On the left you can see a giant tree – Gavilu oak.
Continuing only straight, after a few kilometres, the road enters village Zelmeni, at a T-junction we turn left. There is a lake visible on the right side and the road across the bridge goes to the P95 road. Here we have to turn right and go about 1 km along the road. About halfway down this road, to the right, there is a private house that includes the Tervete winery. Here you can go into the courtyard to relax your tired legs, eat your dinner, use the outdoor WC, wash your hands, swim in the lake, and, of course, buy a bottle of homemaded wine.
Following an indication, you should turn from the highway to the left after a while, and now the road between the fields is only straight till the house Laukgali. There is no signs because owners are against road, but right before it you should turn to the right. There is a dog, but he only barks.The road goes straight for a few kilometres, between the fields, until it reaches village Augstkalne. On the left, there is grocery store and Post Office. We have to keep going straight till the next junction.
Forward to the right, a park is visible. It is not on our plan, but we recommend it in case you need a break. To go through it, directly opposite the building of the Augstkalne school (former Baron Hahn’s Manor building), and see to the right the evangelical Lutheranic Church of the Augstkalne ( Mezmuiza church). Here in the courtyard, you can sit and relax and visit an outdoor WC. Next to it is a lake, a second village shop, as well as a pharmacy can be seen through the trees.
If you want to go on, you have to turn to the left at the junction. The road goes down the main street of the village, one junction must be crossed, and at the second you must turn to the right. Cross the bridge over the Svete River on the way forward, then up a small hill and straight across the field in the direction of the forest. Reaching the edge of the woods is a three-way junction, turning to the right here, and heading down the road that enters the forest.
The road is a bit twisted, first it bows to the right, then there’s a bend to the left, then for quite a long time it goes completely straight until it’s a 90-degree turn at the end. Soon, on the left side of the road, there is a border mark 0802 with the Republic of Lithuania. After crossing the bridge you should turn into the forest on the way to the left. After a while, another border post will be on the left. Then the road goes straight forward until it reaches the P95 Tervete – Zagare road. Here, on the left side of the road, the Latvian-Lithuanian border is soon to be seen. Here is also a sign of Camino Santiago indicating 4200km till Santiago, which is a gift from Lithuania`s St. Jacobs Way Association.
Route continues along the main street, the old Jewish cemetery is on the right side, and the bridge over the Svete River. Behind the bridge to the right in the summer season there is a place for swimming. However, we should turn right before the bridge to the smaller street, river is on our left side.
Here is the old part of the city, where most houses have placards with information about who has lived there, what trades have been completed, and for what purposes the house had served in the early 20th century. At the end of the street we come to the second Church of the St. Apostles Peter and Paul in Zagare. Behind it, there is a market place on the right, then we turn to the left and go straight.
When you cross the bridge, you can already see the city’s main square in front of you. The road continues along its left side. There are 3 shops, a café and a pharmacy in the square. There is also an ATM outside the entrance of shop Žirnis. Along the left side of the park, we go on, to the first Church of the St. Apostles Peter and Paul in Zagare. Behind it, we enter a large park and Zagare Manor can be seen. This is the end of the final route of Camino Latvia. For further information please visit http://www.caminolituano.com/
When you would finish your way here, you have two possibilities:
1. go back to the border, there is in latvian side bus stop- you can go on II/ III/ IV
7.46am to Jelgava ( and after by bus to Riga) or
8.00pm to Dobele ( and after take a bus to Jelgava or Riga)

2. phone some days before to Mr.Maarten Leysen, he lives on the border, and agree with him for Camino-Taxi to Dobele or Jelgava. ( ph. + 371 25632139).