Sulphur spring in Bārbele

Brukna – Skaistkalne

Points of interest
GPS 56.42452, 24.59165
Object description

The barberry spring, which flows from a shallow hot fall, is an object near which one of the first spas what Latvia developed. 19th century the concentration of hydrogen sulphide in the spring water decreases. Nevertheless, the 20th century in the 1920s, there was a spa where rheumatism patients were treated. After a swim, they take a walk in the park and have fun on the dance floor. The “deminished” of the spa follows the Second World War and the foundations of buildings overgrown with bushes have been preserved from it. Nowadays there is a nice gazebo and a footbridge so that one can take and drink the water as well as get acquainted with interesting historic tales of the sulphur spring. Water now is poorly mineralized (salt content – 2.1 g / l, hydrogen sulfide content – 1-2 mg / l)