National Botanical Garden

Salaspils – Ogre

Points of interest
Miera Street 1, Salaspils
Object description

The National Botanical Garden in Salaspils was founded in 1956, but its origins can be traced back to the 18th century. When founding the botanical garden, its main tasks were determined: research in botany, ornamental horticulture, creation of greenery, plant introduction, genetics, selection, as well as popularization of research. In 1968, the garden was granted the status of a research institute. 2015 April 23, the new conservatory complex of the National Botanical Garden was opened. It features plants from around the world.
The area of the botanical garden is 129 hectares, thus it is the largest botanical garden in Latvia. Its collection is the richest in the Baltics with a variety of more than 14,000 plants