Monastery and church of Carmela

Salaspils – Ogre

Points of interest
Smilšu street 15, Ikšķile
Object description

The Discalded Carmelite sisters live in closure, asceticism and poverty, praying especially for the nation among which they live. They earn their livelihood working by hand, as well as baking Hostia. The sisters live day and night praying for the Church and the world.
The Order of Carmelites originated in 13th century Palestine, on Mount Carmel, where the Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary was established. The order received the name Carmelites after their place of origin. The Carmelites arrived in Europe in 1238. The first monasteries outside of the Holy Land were built in Sicily, England and Southern France. The first Discalded Carmelite monastery was founded by the Carmelite nun Teresa, now known as Teresa of Ávila. Currently the Order of Discalced Carmelites is present in 81 countries, including Latvia.