Latvian – Estonian national boundary

Valka – Turna

Points of interest
Rīgas iela 1, Valka
Object description

Welcome to Valka – city, where starts Latvia!

Welcome to Valga – city, where starts Estonia!

Welcome to Valka municipality –Latvian Nothern gates!

Welcome to Valga municipality –Estonian Southern gates!

Valka and Valga is place which offers unique chance to be in town centre and at the same time in two states – with one leg standing in Latvia, with other in Estonia. In one hand holding „Saldējums”(ice-cream), in other hand – “jäätis”(ice-cream). Take a „selfie” right on the border with traffic signs „Here starts Latvia” and „Here starts Estonia”. Watch, where do ice-cream melts faster – at North of Latvia or at South of Estonia.