Stable Tireli

Jaunmārupe – Tīreļi

away from road
away from road
away from road
Tīreļa iela 42, Tīreļi, Valgundes pagasts, Jelgavas novads
Object description

Open 1/05-30/09
Contact Ms. Jolanta
Living in nature under roof. Fireplace, grill, electricity for tent. There is different kind to overnight, have dinner and breakfast too. It is possible ride on horse, feed animals. There is a natural latvian home.
Please call Mrs. Jolanta and agree for all what you want to do.
Should be booked before arriving.

It is possible to build a tent. You will have electricity cable, kettle, grill, fireplace.
8 Eur/ person for overnight in owner tent
4 Eur/ person for build of own tent.