Rīga – Jaunmārupe

17 km

Rīga – 9.5 km Mārupes Kebabs -7.5 km Jaunmārupe
Stage consultant – Anita, WhatsApp or SMS, +371 26409909, e-mail: ancenite@inbox.lv

This route leads us out of Riga. We’ll leave the city by cyclist track, through the parks and peaceful residential areas avoiding the industrial side of Riga.
The route begins at the Cathedral of St. Jacob. From the entrance of the cathedral, we go to the left on Klostera Street, then to the right on Maza Pils Street, from which in a few metres we turn to the left on Maza Miesnieku Street. At the junction with Pils Street, we turn to the left to Dome Square. Keeping on the right side of Dome Square, we leave it by Jauniela, then turn left to Kramu Street, which leads us to Kalku Street and Ratslaukums. Turning to the right and holding on the right side of Ratslaukums, we go towards river Daugava, crossing 11. Novembra Krastmala, we reach Akmens tilts (bridge) by which we cross the Daugava river.
After the bridge, we continue to walk straight down Uzvaras Boulevard. After 750m just behind VIRSI service station we turn to the left at Ojara Vaciesa Street and continue for the next 670m. The street leads through a quiet park, leading to Uzvaras Boulevard in 600m and after 70m we turn left on the lovely path in Arcadia Park. After 300m, we cross the Ojara Vaciesa Street, then after 50m turn right down the road and continue by park path along the Maras pond until the pond and the path ends at Marupes Street.
We cross Marupes Street through the pedestrian passage and continue to walk straight down the road along the residential house. In about 230m on the left there are garbage containers, we continue to go straight for about 300m until we cross Marupite river. After 150m, the path leads under the railway track. After 300m, the path leads under Karla Ulmana Drive, and we cross river Marupite again. Right after the river we turn to the left on the pedestrian path. After 150m, we reach Spirgus Street, where we turn left and reach Kantora Street after another 150m.
We continue to follow the cyclist track for the next 1.8 km along the river Marupite. Approximately after 800m on the right side of the path is a stone sculpture garden where you can both look at the sculptures and relax. The path crosses 2 streets until it ends reaching Daugulu Street, on which we turn to the left.
After 600m when Daugulu Street ends, we turn right. We turn to the left on Rozleju Street which is the second street to the left. We continue down Rozleju Street and, at the end of it, we cross Pededzes Street and go straight down Abavas Street. At the end of Abavas Street, we turn left and take the first path to the right, continuing down the pedestrian path to Daugava Street and the roundabout. We cross Daugava Street through the pedestrian passage, turn right and continue along the pedestrian path next to Marupites Drive.
After 600m, we turn right to Rozu Street. There is a small café and shop on the other side of the junction, the only ones until the end of the route in Jaunmarupe. We continue along Rose Street for the next 6 km until it ends on the P132 road. When we reach the road, we turn left and continue along the pedestrian/cyclist path.
We cross A5 through the viaduct then turn down the Mazcenu Alley to the left, towards the Jaunmarupe. When we reach Jaunmarupe, we walk through the terraced school buildings and turn left on the first street. We walk down the street along the park, along the pond, and turn right behind the pond. We go along the playground and another pond to the Mazcenu Alley, where on our left is guest house Laura, which is the end of this route.
When you decide to overnight in Camping Riga, please go stright down 1,7km and finally turn right.