Riga old town, Dome Square, Riga Doms

Rīga – Jaunmārupe

Points of interest
Doma laukums, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvia
Object description

In 1201 Riga City was founded by Bishop Albert (Albert von Bukshēvden), the city’s rights were acquired in 1225. Vecrīga, (the neighbourhood name Old Town), is the oldest part of the city of Riga. An inexhaustible source of cultural history information is also Old Riga buildings, their architecture. The vast majority of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque-style architectural masterpieces, which we can also see today, are located in the central part of Old Riga.
The Dom square is the largest square in Old Riga. It is considered the Central Square of Old Riga, where various public events are often organised. There are seven streets leading to Domsquare – Smilšu, Rozena, Šķūņu, Zirgu, Pils, Jēkaba un Jauniela. The area is comprised of several monumental buildings built in the 19th and 20th centuries. One of the most prominent and recognizable buildings in Dome Square is the Dome Church. Riga Doms is the church of Latvia’s Evangelical Lutheric Church, Archbishop’s Cathedral in Riga, Herder Square 6, where Riga Doma’s evangelical Lutheric congregation is constantly in operation. Largest medieval church in the Baltic. Also noteworthy is the eclectic Riga Stock Exchange building built in 1855 (architect Harald Julius Bose), opposite which is the Commercial Bank building 1922 (architect Paul Mandelstam) and the building of the Ministry of Finance 1940, which spans a whole block (architect Alexander Rockshaw).