Christmas Battles Museums

Jaunmārupe – Tīreļi

Points of interest
4.5 km
Object description

The Christmas Battles Museum was created in 2005. In the museum area, there are unique elements of the fortification of the I World War related to the legendary Christmas battles. At the open-air exposition of the Christmas Battles Museum, the stage of the fortifications system has been reconstructed in an authentic place – a blink and part of the first line of German protection – a “German rampage”, which is the only such object in the Baltic.
In the interior of the museum, you can look at the exhibition “The Battle of the Christmas of the Latvian Riflemen.” More than 200 photographs, warfare patterns and objects found around Tirelpurvs give interesting historical testimony about the events of its time. There is also the largest mock-up of fighting sites in Latvia, which depicts several square kilometres of Christmas fighting areas with World War I fortifications.