Sietiniezis Rock

Valmiera – Caunītes

Points of interest
Vaidava parish, Valmiera district
Object description

The Sietiniezis Rock is one of the highest white sandstone outcrops in Latvia, being 15 meters high and around 0.5 kilometers long. One can enjoy a view on the Gauja Valley from the southern part of Sietiniezis, and there are scenic pine forests surrounding the rock. You will find small caves and grottos, as well as gullies and pillar-like formations.
There are trails and picnic areas in the vicinity of Sietiniezis for the purposes of nature protection and for the convenience of visitors.
The Gauja River hits the northern part of Sietiniezis and makes a turn. Looking from the river, the rock rises nearly vertically at the base to form a concave slope towards the top. It is 200 meters long and about 13 meters high, with pale yellow sandstone of the Gauja Formation exposed up to 6 meters from the water level.