Sculpture “Through the Centuries”

Caunītes – Cēsis

Points of interest
Torņa iela 3, Cēsis
Object description

Matthias Janson sculpture “Through the centuries”, popularly known as Old Time man) was opened in July 2005. It depicts a man with a lamp – symbol of the town of Cēsis. The sculpture is located near St.John’s church, on Torņu street.
According to the legend, long ago, in ancient times in Cēsis lived a man. When the townspeople went to bed, he walked all around the streets with his reliable guides – cudgel and an always lustrous lantern – and people knew as long as this man walk through the city streets, the town is safe and peaceful. But one night the man disappeared. If you somehow someday in any cross street will meet a man with a cudgel and a lantern in his hand – don’t forget to polish the glass of lantern, it’s light will always show the right way not only for the Old man, but also for your good thoughts, dreams and intentions… Belief says that if you rub Weather lamp, you will see your future.