Mežaparks Great Bandstand

Vecāķi – Rīga

Points of interest
Ostas prospekts, Riga
Object description

The Mezaparks Great Bandstand (Latvian: Mežaparka Lielā estrāde), is a large open-air bandstand in Mezaparks park in the Mezaparks neighbourhood of Riga. The stage is an integral part of the Song and Dance Festival which is a unique feature of Latvian culture and a part of national identity. the Song and Dance Festival has almost 150 years of history.
The first bandstand was erected in 1955 according to a project by V Schnitnikov. G. Irbite and K. Dannenhirsha.
The complete reconstruction of the Open-Air Stage in Mežaparks was started in 2016 by the project of the Latvian Architects collaborative team – Mailitis Architects and Juris Poga’s Bureau. Completely finishing all the works by 2023, there will be 30,000 spectator seats, the total number of singers will be up to 14,000.