Liepa manor

Valmiera – Liepa

Points of interest
5 km from road
Liepasmuiža, Liepas pagasts, Priekuļu novads, LV-4128
Object description

The Bible in Latvian for the first time was translated by Ernst Glick in the second half of the 17thy century. The translation was funded and The Bible was issued by the owner of Liepa Manor and Vidzeme Superintendent, Johann Fischer, with the support of King Karl XI of Sweden. The owner of Liepa Manor Johann Fischer also organised the first translation of the Bible in Estonian. According to the order of J.Fisher, a school for Latvian peasant children was opened at Liepa Manor in 1785.
The manor is being restored with the aim of providing arts-therapy services.
When you rest in the pergola of the park and watch the beautiful views of nature across the Rauna river, you will quickly forget the fatigue accumulated over the course of the day and receive positive feelings for the way forward.
There is a book about the history of the manor and a booklet with a map of the Manor Park and a brief description of the view sites in each guest room. You can also enjoy a guide accompanied tour.

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Kindly request to book a room at least 1 day before arrival.

Offers A COVID-19 secure suite type (each room is equipped with a kitchen) rooms for 2 or 4 persons. The room size room allows to accommodate 1 to 2 additional beds in the same room at extra fee, or for no additional fee, more people may stay in the room if have own mattress, blanket and towel. Each room is completely autonomous, including its entrance from outside.

In the autumn, winter and spring in business days discounts of up to 30% of the full price is offered for pilgrims if settled in cash or transferred to a company account.