Ķeguma Cross Hill

Ogre – Ķegums

Points of interest
Meža Street 10, Kegums
Object description

Located near Ķegums cemetery. The first cross was installed on June 20, 1997, at the suggestion of Inta Brokāne. The installed pine tree cross is six meters high. This cross has its place on the eastern edge of Ķegums cemetery. This is no longer the only cross on the Hill of the Cross. Healers consider this place to be an ancestral shrine with a special energetic radiance, because all the hills are covered with stones, and scientists say that on the highest mountain they are located like a hook. Scientists have found unusual energy in the area. Every year in June, before Midsummer, there is a procession on Saturday, where pilgrims come to bring their crosses to the Holy Hill of the Cross, expressing pain, joy and gratitude to Jesus. The pilgrims’ marches have now been replaced by Remembrance Days.
Open visit, open access sightseeing object.