Posted: 15/06/2020

The Federation of Spain`s Camino de Santiago friends associations.

THE FEDERATION OF SPAIN’S CAMINO DE SANTIAGO FRIENDS ASSOCIATIONS invited to participate in a joint survey with a purpose to identify specific points of interest for all Associations of  St. James Way, and to create a wide-ranging debate on them, by involvement of all EU’s Camino de Santiago associations to gather a wide range of views and arguments, which sets out a common or differing view on many essentials the issues that will have to be addressed with the reopening of the Camino de Santiago. It is proposed to use the pause caused by Covid for reflection, with a view of identifying and restoring Camino’s universal values, which have a direct impact on the pilgrim, to promote favorable internal changes, which is one of the purposes for pilgrimage, of protecting the nature of Camino itself.

Members of the Association St. James Way in Latvia gathered to discuss all the questions raised in the questionnaire. After discussions and unifying opinions, responses were provided, views were outlined and proposals expressed.

Here are our answers to some important questions:

Question: Should today’s Camino only be considered as a multi-cultural meeting place, moving away from any faiths?
Camino Latvia: In Camino de Santiago no one should be divided based religion, conviction, nationality and title. A non-believer can become a believer and vice versa. The Way accepts everyone and changes happen to one who is honest.

Question: Whether the owner of albergue “hospitalero” as a person is one of the fundamental values of the pilgrimage, if his disappearance would mean changes in current positive perception of Camino?
Camino Latvia: Hospitalero is a very important person affecting pilgrim’s feelings on the way. The importance of hospitality, simplicity, personal attitudes, tradition, discipline. It impacts mental growth on the way.

Question: How do you in your association inform about relevance and use of a pilgrim’s passport?
Camino Latvia: The passport shall provide the safety and protection of the pilgrim, if needed – support and assistance.