Posted: 21/03/2020

Agnese`s story

A thought about doing the Camino de Santiago French way had lingered in my mind for 3 years until it became a reality when on 2017, I said goodbye to my loved ones and boarded a plane to Paris. With a bag on my shoulders that was my best friend for a whole month. I was ready for everything that Camino would bring me. An absolute peace. I did not believe Camino was magical, but it truly was. It gave me gifts every day. I got scared, but I started to believe. When I believed it, I prayed. When I prayed, I received. A day with no pain, a room with a view to mountains, cold water, a pool, a tiny shampoo bottle, love, seeing my Camino friends again. Be careful what you wish for. But if you know what you want, don’t be afraid to say it out loud. And you’ll see – Camino will do everything for you. There is just a couple of steps from adaptation and overcoming pain to complete enjoyment of the Camino. And each step took me closer to my finish line. When I saw the End of the world in Finnistere, I knew I was different. Camino, pain, patience, people and their stories, forests, ocean, animals, mountains, sunrises and sunsets, peace and quiet, they all helped to change my view of an ordinary day. Back then, Camino taught me love for nature, animals, forests and meadows. It taught me to walk and be with myself. And today, with great joy and heart-warming memories, I can walk the paths of our beloved motherland, where the Way of St. James is being created. Nowhere can you find as much strength as in nature!

With love,
Agnese Skunstiņa