Posted: 10/04/2024

Assembly of Romea Strata (AERS)

On March 25 – 26, 2024 the representatives of all three Baltic countries took part at the Assembly of our partner organization Romea Strata (AERS) at the historical Italian town Aquileia where we shared the results of our continuing work on Camino in 2023. Romea Strata is a route of faith, spirituality and culture embracing a number of historic pilgrimage itineraries and stretching across seven countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy before it reaches Rome. In Baltic countries Camino de Santiago and Romea Strata share the same itinerary. In a warm and friendly atmosphere all participants discussed the experiences, the good traditions and challenges, the differences and the common goals. Much appreciated were Camino Latvia eco friendly yellow bags for collecting small trash along the way „Eju ceļu un paceļu” („I walk the way and I pick up”) and the tradition to decorate a Camino Christmas tree.
The historical, once mighty Roman city Aquileia who imported ‘the gold of the North’ amber from the Baltic sea, now a quiet town with magnificent ancient mosaics and a spectacular Basilica, was a perfect setting for the experience of Romea Strata in Italy.
We express our appreciation to Saint Meinhard’s Heritage Foundation in Latvia for supporting our cooperation with Romea Strata.