Posted: 23/06/2019

Sigita’s story

God throw us in the air to catch us again in a surprising way. Like a fun game that parents play with their children. Moral? Rely on what throws you in the air, because God loves you and without waiting, He will catch you again! Everyone experiences it who goes on a long journey, to find what they really are. When you allow yourself to be yourself, and in the long run you reflect in your most soulful manifestations, everything becomes clear, your strength in your faith is stronger, and goodness is poured into you like a crystal jar! Confidence in God’s plan is absolute. Why am I telling you this?
These are kind of people who are in the Camino Latvia team. All as one. Important thing is that Camino people are like that all over the world. In just a couple of hours, seemingly strange people become close friends.
The sense of togetherness, teamwork, and love for an idea that is not describable, but it serves as a motivation to build what every pilgrim on earth and non-national can use and enjoy in the future. No one pays us, we are volunteers who once fell in love with the French-Spanish Santiago Camino. Each of us, have story and everyone has the special miracle on this path experiences without exception.
Sometimes, the presence of St. James is undeniable, as things and people are arrange in an incredibly happy series of events. For instance? Well, imagine you really want a glass of cold juice… but you are in the woods, google map shows that you are in the middle of nowhere-how you could have a cold drink!!! But after a while, a little farther from nowhere, there is a golf club and there’s the bar and your juice – cold and refreshing – as you ordered! Or another case – running out of water and you are in an unpopulated farmhouse cluster, the only aunt you meet says that there is no water, well …you need to buy it! And you already descend into despair when the seemingly desperate aunt brings you a 5-liter water bucket: Drink healthy! More? All right, I’ll tell you – the owner of the cafe has applied for the hike and decides to meet everyone with a freshly made cold soup!!!! For free ? Do you understand what I’m talking about? For being on the path of St. James in Latvia, because the blessing from above is felt at every turn!!! Let it be!
Let it be!
I want Buen Camino sounds more and more often in the hills of Vidzeme and the plains of Zemgale!


Sigita Batraga