Posted: 12/05/2020

Modrīte’s Story

For most people, the Santiago way associates with the so-called “French Way” that I have deliberately avoided. There are no better or worse routes because each has its own way to go. Routes what have become mine starts in Lisbon (Camino Portuges, 2017) and Seville (Via de la Plata, 2019). The most valuable thing is everything that can’t be bought for money: true sincerity and the help of local people; meeting new people when strangers become their own, and the joy of meeting them again on the Way; friendly dinners, jokes and laughter, sharing Camino adventure stories and a sense of belonging to one big community of yours – you’re not alone even when you walk alone. Walking Camino – it’s an adventure and a new experience that can only be acquired in this way and, believe me, at no point, even when it’s difficult, it’s not a torment. It’s a fantastic and unspeakable adventure, only always with a slightly sad ending – leaving from Camino’s friends. At first, I couldn’t understand it, but now I see why many of those on the Way walk their second, third or fourth Camino. Anyway, there is something about Camino, and if you feel it, then … Buen Camino!