Posted: 09/03/2020

Armands’ story

For the first time I heard about Camino 7 years ago, when I lived a month in a tent in the Andalusia Mountains 200 km from Seville. As if I didn’t do anything special, but when you begin to live in full unison with nature, lay on the ground, washed in a 10 m waterfall, where a rainbow is passing through and you sing as you wash, because it is impossible not to sing because it is unspeakably cool. And at night, you just look at the stars, what you don’t see in city, too much illumination. And when you live in such a real way, you reach such awareness that you can’t really reach through the books. Spain taught me what freedom is and I therefore return to it as a place of strength:)
I lived in the tent at the end of the hill, but there were people living in the valleys who didn’t really want to live their lives following the patterns of the system:) Sometimes I visited them and they told me about Camino. At the time, I thought it was something completely crazy, but I was on my way after 3 years.