Posted: 14/06/2020

Stained-glass window in Cēsis

On a sunny Pentecost Sunday, Camino Latvia’s team, together with representatives of the Cesis Culture and Tourism Centre, took a hike in one of the stages of St. James’s Way in Latvia.

We already know that Cesis also have been a part of St. James Way in past. During archaeological excavations, a shell was found outside one of the windows of the St. John Church in Cesis. This archaeological find is historic and unique, and a well-preserved symbol of Santiago pilgrims. This is another proof that the pilgrims’ path has passed through Latvia’s territory in the medieval times. In order to honor this finding, a new stained-glass showing a shell has emerged in the window of St. John Curch.

Once upon a time, the sea shell was depicted on the pilgrim’s clothing, but now the whole path has been marked with this symbol, so it serves as signs of the road.