Valmiera – Liepa

21 km

This stage leads through forests and fields, through small populated areas. There are no shops on the road, we recommend that food and drinking water be taken with you.
If you have questions about a particular stage or need assistance on the road, please call to SOS phone +371 29119121 Sarmīte

Minor changes have been introduced in this stage of the Camino track. You can download the new version of the track in GPX and KML formats. We have not yet managed to introduce changes in the description part, thus in some places there may be a small discrepancy between the actual signs on the Camino path /GPX and KML tracks, and the description. In such cases please be guided by the signs on the Camino path or the GPX and KML tracks. We will introduce changes in the description in the very near future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The stage begins at The Church of St. Simon in Valmiera. We go to the left towards the viewing area. From that, to the right, a path passed along Gauja. We go straight down to Cesu Street, then turn to the left in the direction of the bridge. As soon as we cross the bridge, there is a downward staircase on the left. We go down them, turn to the left under the bridge along the path, and go straight between Gauja and the fence of company Valpro.
At 1.6 km, in front of the moat and stone pile, the path turns to the left, and proceeds until after 300 m we reach the pedestrian bridge over Gauja. You can step up and look at it. But the route will continue along the sandy road a little to the right under the bridge and then straight.
About 1.1 km later we come to the square, opposite the TV tower on the other side of the Gauja river, the side road leads to the left, but we keep our way straight and hold to the right on the next spilt road, all the time passing along Gauja. The road gradually turns into a trail.

When reaching the next bridge in 1.4 km, decision should be made how to proceed to Cesis on left or right coast of Gauja river.
The stages Valmiera – Liepa – Cesiss along the left coast of Gauja after Līču – Laņgu cliffs will unfortunately not be marked in nature this year as there are still some approvements pending from institutions. You can still make the Way using GPX or KML tracks. The stages through the Gauja National Park are beautiful, slightly wild, and some parts can be overgrown. There are several accommodations available on this coast (see info below).
If decide to walk a marked road from Valmiera to Cesis (the right coast of Gauja), should go across the bridge and turn the first way to the left, following the mark of Meztaka. The stage is also appropriate for a bicycle. The total length from Valmiera to Cesis on the right coast will be around 40 km, there is only one accommodation available – the campsite Caunites (only in summer season), it is recommend to call and make reservation in advance.Both roads along the right and the left coast of Gauja, will reconnect at the next bridge over Gauja in about 25 km. For further description from the bridge, see the stage Liepa – Cesis.

Download alternative route GPX

So, if decided to go along the left coast of Gauja, then continue straight under the bridge and then go down the path to the left.
In 700 m after crossing the high-voltage electricity line hent the trail splits keep right, and after 200 m reach the rest area “Gaujas Priedes”.
We walk by the rest area, overcome the ditch, and then after 600 m at a T-crossing turn to the right.
After 700 m, in next T-crossing, turn to the left. After 300 m, the cottage village DKS Gauja starts, keep straight. After 70 m, the road turns to the left, but there is a small trail facing straight ahead. After 300 m, the trail goes out on the road, continue straight along the house “Pauleni”, and after 200 m, at the house “Segli” there are crossroads, in front of the map of the cottage village.
Turn right and walk along the bus stop keeping to the left. Continue by this road for next 3.2 km across two crossroads, along the direction sign to “Pekas kalns”, past the “Gaujmalas Sapas”, until road reaches the highway.
Just before the highway, there is a little tarred road that turns sharply to the right. Turn to it!
After 150 m on the left, here is the path down, towards the pedestrian bridge, heading across the river, then up the hill along the old mill, the house “Sapas”, and after 400 m at the T junction reach the highway again. Here’s a Camino pilgrims’ Guestbook from the stones, where everyone is invited to add their stone.
The road continues to the right along the forest trail. In 500 m there is a village “Lici”.
On the right, a yellow two-story building is restored and 200 m behind it is the accommodation – campsite “Lici”.
The stage continues down a tarred road to the right, and then, along the many buildings of the old sanatorium, just straight ahead until after 1.2 km reach a populated area called “Iemeteji.”
Walking straight between the home and then right along the last small house, the road leads into the woods. Across the creek, just straight. After 500 m and a further 300 m, keep left in both splits of the road.
After 900 m, we are at the T-crossing keep to the right. Then 600 m straight (also across the crossroads) until the point of splitting the road. Go to the right and then, after 300 m at the intersection of many roads keep straight.
If turn left than in about 1 km there is the accommodation the “Lejas ozoli”.
Continuing straight after 3.3 km reach the campsite “Grivini”. Here are picnic and fire sites, place for tents or just relax.
The road continues to the left up the hill, passing the “Grivini Mill” until after 1.1 km at the top of the hill there is the edge of the field. The road goes straight, but we turn right along the house and go straight. On the left, there are houses “Leci B”. At 700 m, at the stone barn of houses “Leci A”, the road turns left in the courtyard, but we continue to right on a rural road along the edge of the field, passing a yellow cottage until it bends left in the woods, keep on going.
At about 800 m, down the hill the road splits. Keep left and then, after 550 m, across the creek, into a T-crossing, turn again to the left along the edge of the meadow and the campsite “Cetras Priedes”.
Entering the forest, the road we walked leads to the left. You can see a wider path coming from the right, but before it’s a small path that goes right in the woods. Let’s walk it. About 300 m on the left there is a view to the first rocks. After 100 m at the direction signs: “Licu-Langu klintis 50 m” and “Lode 2.4 km” is the end of this stage.
If go left up the stairs, will come to Lode – Liepa, shops, railway station, bus stop, or selected accommodation (Liepa Manor, Liepa Methodist Church), and you will be able to look at Lode’s clay career along the way.