Valmiera – Liepa

21 km

Valmiera – 10 km Līči – 8 km Grīviņi – 3 km Liepa

This stage leads through forests and fields, through small populated areas. There are no shops on the road, we recommend that food and drinking water be taken with you.
The stage begins at The Church of St. Simon in Valmiera. We go to the left towards the viewing area. From that, to the right, a path passed along Gauja. We go straight down to Cesu Street, then turn to the left in the direction of the bridge. As soon as we cross the bridge, there is a downward staircase on the left. We go down them, turn to the left under the bridge along the path, and go straight between Gauja and the fence of company Valpro.
At 1.6 km, in front of the moat and stone pile, the path turns to the left, and proceeds until after 300 m we reach the pedestrian bridge over Gauja. You can step up and look at it. But the route will continue along the sandy road a little to the right under the bridge and then straight.
About 1.1 km later we come to the square, opposite the TV tower on the other side of the Gauja river, the side road leads to the left, but we keep our way straight and hold to the right on the next spilt road, all the time passing along Gauja. The road gradually turns into a trail.
When reaching the next bridge in 1.4 km, decision should be made how to proceed to Cesis on left or right coast of Gauja river.
The stage Valmiera-Liepa-Cesis on the left coast of river Gauja partly leads through the territory of Gauja National Park, the approval of the Nature Conservation Agency is required. Consequently, the signs and road markings are installed only at agreed stages. In this stage the signs and road marking is almost at the whole length, except for approximately 800 metres.
Valmiera – 4 km Gaujas bridge – 16 km Caunītes – 20 km Cēsis
But if decide to walk on the right coast of Gauja from Valmiera to Cesis, should go across the bridge and turn the first way to the left, following the mark of Meztaka. The stage is also
appropriate for a bicycle. The total length from Valmiera to Cesis on the right coast will be around 40 km, there is only one accommodation available – the campsite Caunites (only in
summer season), it is recommended to call and make reservation in advance.
In case of questions, please contact:
+371 29119121, Sarmite
+371 26358285, Aija