Liepa – Cēsis

23 km

A wild stage through the forests, the steep shores of Gauja, the ravines and across the fields. We recommend taking water and food with you for the whole day.
If you have questions about a particular stage or need assistance on the road, please call to SOS phone +371 29518015 Indra

Minor changes have been introduced in this stage of the Camino track. You can download the new version of the track in GPX and KML formats. We have not yet managed to introduce changes in the description part, thus in some places there may be a small discrepancy between the actual signs on the Camino path /GPX and KML tracks, and the description. In such cases please be guided by the signs on the Camino path or the GPX and KML tracks. We will introduce changes in the description in the very near future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The stage starts in Lode from the direction sign “Licu-Langu klintis” 50 m. Follow this direction, and enjoy the nature – rocks, caves and creek chatter. This well-designed part of the Licu-Langu nature trail is about 1.35 km long.
After the last 2 bridges, at the information stand, the main trail turns to the left, but our way continues to the right along the bank of Gauja river. After about 250 m at a T-type intersection, turn right and along the fence, bypassing the road barrier straight into the forest.
Reaching the clearing with campsite at about 300 m, at two property signs, the roads splits. Continue to the right. Be careful. As there is the Gauja National Park, nature is preserved as authentic as possible and fallen trees or branches might not be removed from the forest roads and trails. A large spruce had broken across the road to the right at time this road description was made, which made the turn to this road difficult to notice.
After 1.2 km, the road leads to the left and becomes more like forest trail, approximately after 500 m we reach a kind of waterbody. Walking along the path come to the narrowest part of the water where are logs placed over the water. Cross the water and continue on the path, it leads a little to the left and in 100 m when path joins the forest road turn right.
In 400 m at the top the hill in a T-junction, turn to the right.
At 300 m when the road turns to the left, we the right to the path along Gauja. By this path at about 500 m at the mouth of the River Rauna in Gauja is a well-established campsite. Go straight through this campsite to the road and turn left along the Rauna River and continue till the highway Riga – Valmiera.
Here is the monument to Latvian and Estonian soldiers killed in the Battle for Cesis in 1919.
The following 500 m should be carefully passed along the side of the highway until turn to the right to the road indicated by direction sign “Leokadijas”.
At approximately 200 m after the homes named “Božrauguļi” take a sharp turn left on a road which leads to a field. After 500 m along the field, in intersection with road leading to homes named “Noras” continue straight. Also, in next crossing with a forest road, continue straight. After next 200 m, the road will end coming down to Gauja. There are 3 paths going up the hill to the left. Choose the second or third path upwards. At the top of the hill, turn right at the crossing of the trails and continue to walk on the ridge. In 300 m we reach the first ravine, after crossing it on the opposite side of river the Goat rock is seen. To view it completely, should go down to the river.
Our way continues straight, stepping up the hill again. After 600 m when the road joins from the right, continue straight and about 40 metres later at next road crossing still go straight down the path.
At 600 m the path intersects with the wooded road, turn right and continue along this road, ignoring the road branches that come from the right.
At 1.1 km, in a T-crossing, turn to the left and meet Gauja again. On this the road, we cross an open space, the ditch, and up a hill. Joining the road ahead, turn to the left.
After 150 m, the road leaves to the right, but there are two trails straight ahead – one leads up the hill and the other goes down. Take the lower path, which leads along a beautiful wall of rock and comes out to the road at the purification plants. Go to right and then to the right again on the bigger road.
In 250 m when road revolves to the left, where three-story houses are seen, turn to the right on a smaller ground road.
Continue straight, also by straight-crossing a small motor track, after 1 km, come to the edge of the field. Continue to the right along the edge of the field and, bypassing it in 200 m, at a T-junction reach a bigger road.
Turn to the right and continue on this road for next 2.3 km until at the next T-junction with bigger road. A bridge across Gauja appears to the right, but we turn to the left.
Both roads are joining in this place, from the left coast of Gauja and the right coast of Gauja!
Carefully, 600 m must be passed along the side of the gravel road to the first road to the right. Turn right and next 2.6 km keep straight across the fields.
At homes named “Brivnieki”, passing the barn, come out on the main gravel road, turn left and in 130 m turn to the right on the first side road leading to the forest. Next 1.7 km continue straight along this forest path.
As we reach the gravel road, go straight across it.
Continue to follow this road without cutting for next 1.6 km, along the fence of the military facility, until we reach a triangular intersection of the roads. A large building is seen across the board. It’s one of Camino’s accommodation “Gaujaslici”. Heading towards it.
80 m after passing the sign of “Gaujaslici”, turn left on a wooded road and go up a hill in the forest.
Continue straight this sandy wooded road for 1 km across all crossings until reach a T-junction with the highway. Turn to the left and in 100 m, turn to the right in the forest again.
In 300 m turn left at the T junction, and then after 150 m turn the right along the low rumblings up the hill to the tarred Turaidas Street near the multi-story houses. Turn to the left on the street, move over to the sidewalk and in the next T-junction with Viestura Street turn right.
Here’s a beautiful view of the towers of Cesis Palace and St. John’s Church.
Continue straight on Viestura Street until on the left side a begins across the shop “TOPS”. Turn left on a pedestrian path. After 40 m in the crossing, turn left along a beautiful twisted pedestrian path across a ravine.
After passing the cemetery, we come to the Palasta Street, cross it and take a cobbled pedestrian path into the Palace Park. Keeping along the left side of the park, go up towards the Cesis Palace, along the open-air stage, until reach the stairs. Stepping up, passing across the square and through the gates, we are on Tower Street. Turn right and head to St. John’s Church.
This is where the stage ends. Nice rest and a lot of good feelings at Cesis!